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Erin Smith

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Honey Maid:  Standing Firm On Personal Beliefs as a Company

by Erin Smith

Companies have become more outspoken on their values, not letting consumers completely dictate what they can and cannot support. This can quickly turn ugly for some companies and brands, while others have only become stronger and more recognizable as a result. A look at Honey Maid, Chick-fil-A and Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and how their brands stood for their beliefs.



comment | 04/04/2014

Amanda Romano

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Crisis: A City in Shock

by Amanda Romano

When a crisis hits – it hits hard and fast. That was definitely the case recently with newly elected Charlotte, N.C., Mayor Patrick Cannon. Local news outlets including NBC Charlotte, WBTV and WCNC reported that the elected mayor was arrested by the FBI on charges of corruption.


comment | 03/27/2014

Jake Potter

PR: The Good, Bad and Ugly

What Can Communications Professionals Learn From March Madness?

by Jake Potter

Not all basketball fans practice good PR, but it’s surprising to some how many PR professionals cheer hard for their hoops team. When you get down to it, basketball and PR aren’t all that different, and basketball can teach us a lot about effective marketing and communications. 


comment | 03/19/2014

Kathleen Donnelly

New Media

Social Media: Breathing New Life Into Traditional Events

by Kathleen Donnelly

Can anyone really doubt the power and reach of social media these days? Whether you work directly with social media in a professional capacity, or rely on it for personal reasons, the power of social media is real. Case in point? The 2014 Oscars.


comment | 03/05/2014

Alyssa Brass

MMI Watercooler

When In Doubt, Do As Disney Does!

by Alyssa Brass

I recently traveled to Orlando, Fla. to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Little did I know, this was going to be one of the most memorable events of my life and that I would already be planning my next trip for another runDisney weekend. How does Disney create such memorable, efficient experiences? That is probably a secret they keep locked away. But in the meantime, PR professionals can definitely learn a thing or two about event planning from the company that all started with a mouse!


3 comments | 02/26/2014

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